Exploration without field-related costs


We use a combination of satellite lithological and alteration mapping, Hierarchic (ranked) Structural Analysis, Physical (Analogue) Modeling, original processing and interpretation procedures to build Exploration Target Maps of various scales

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Open source: Landsat 7-8 TM/ETM+ |   Radarsat | ASTER | MapBox | DEM | Google Earth | Google Terrain | Regional Geophysics and Geochemistry | other 

Commercial satellite and aerial data

Data provided by Client: Geological, Geophysical, Geochemical, Petrophysical, Topo/hydrography, Drillholeand surface sampling etc.

1. It works!
2. Solid scientific background and proved success
The ideas/assumptions in use are well grounded. Many recent successful projects
3. State-of-the-art computer processing in GIS environment
The client is given exact coordinates of the targets, as well as GIS-formatted layers of information that he can use later
4. Synthetic
Incorporates all the available geophysical, satellite, topo-, geochemical, geological and any additional data
5. Low cost
All the methods use source data available for free/cheap on-line, that dramatically downsizes the cost of the exercise
6. Fast
In most cases the process takes about two months time from the beginning to the final report which includes all the processed information, databases, graphical data and interpretation
7. It works!

Identifying areas with high potential of containing

mineral deposits, oil, gas and groundwater reservoirs

Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Armenia, Russia - we have done projects in all these countries

Base Metals, Gold, Silver, PGM, SEDEX, emeralds, Uranium, Oil and gas, Kimberlites - we have done projects on all these commodities


The method is very cost efficient, well grounded scientifically. Produces successful results confirmed by the follow-up exploration, for a broad variety of commodities and geological environments world-round

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